Detailed Description

Lunar Calendar 2014 Android, iOS app


The application for iOS is in development.


Released more than 1 year the application has been found by 200 000+ users. At first release it was the app which contaned just the list of void moon time. But now this is very detailed calculation with huge amount of data, both times and description. You can view any state of Cosmos for any place in Earth. As far as possible we will add to this site the description content how to use the app. In the next list you will see the features which stand out favorably against features of the other apps

  • Calendar for 2014-2017
  • Moon in Zodiac
  • Void course of Moon
  • Lunar days
  • Moon phases
  • Nakshatras
  • Eclipses
  • Tattvas
  • Planetary hours
  • Time in both list and classic calendar format
  • Notification for all above features
  • Flexible notifications customization
  • Detailed descriptions for all above features
  • Commendations for garden
  • Commendations for selfcare and hair
  • Commendations for health. Be carefull! Please, ask you doctor before using the descriptions.
  • Autodetect location
  • Name-based search: either online or offline
  • Looking for the place on Google Maps
  • Autodetect timezones for any position
  • 44 supported languages
Free version