• cosmos1
    Lunar Calendar
    Application for
    Android, iOS
    It helps you to know the Universe states in any time you want.
    Advices how to do somethink better.
    Moon and Sun will help you.
    from $0.00
    all recommendations
  • cosmos2
    Moon in Zodiac
    Void Moon
    Antient knowledges and modern science.
    Lunar cycle and 12 Zodiac signs.
    Your device will
    do all calculations of the void course Moon.
    That's all offline.
    from $0.00
    all recommendations
    Free and full versions
  • cosmos3
    Solar cycle
    in your pocket
    Solar cycles are based on sunrise and sunset times.
    Planetary hours are depend on weekday.
    Tattvas, planetary hours
  • cosmos4
    Lunar days
    precise calculations
    in your phone
    Lunar days are very difficult to calculate.
    But those apps will calculate them in few moments.
    Recommendations about current state.
    for every day
  • cosmos5
    Moon and Nakshatras
    Tibet and later Indian Knowledge and Lunar cycles.
    Moon and 26 Nakshatras.
    Detailed descriptions.
    All what you need
    calculations offline
    for everyone
  • cosmos6
    Moon Phases
    The most obvious state of the Moon.
    Of course, You can do I by yourself,
    but while using this you will never get an error.
    Furthermore, you will can solar and lunar eclipses.
    This is not simple. But we will help!
  • cosmos7
    Lunar Calendar 2014-2017.
    Position by looking for name or picking in a map
    You can set any time in 2014-2017
    You can set any position on the map, of find any place by name (online or offline).

Hello, who loves new and interesting

We glad to introduse the most popular and free Lunar Calendar and its add-ons.

Now the Google Play Android Appllication is very popular. There are more 200 000 users who set up it on their devices. Everyone of them finds in this app what he or she wants. The App for iOS now is in development.
Now this site will encreased by adding the data about hoow to use this applications.

Excellent User Interface based on many feedbacks of each user

There are notification about the current state with huge customization.

Detailed descrptions

The descrptions have been written by professional astrologies. This knowledge are based on both antients and modern science.

Your own customization

You can set up the application: for instance, notifcations, positions, etc. You can manage the themes of descriptions.